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Dr. Mohammed Osman grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he attended Dalhousie University until moving to Alberta to further his education. Dr. Osman is a rheumatologist and clinical immunologist interested in connective tissues diseases, immune dysregulation and immune deficiencies.

Dr. Osman's research tries to understand where early SSc begins, what changes occur at a cellular level, and why some patients develop rapidly progressing scleroderma and others do not. Additionally, as a transitional researcher, Dr. Osman looks to a molecular level to understand why some people living with SSc have chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Today, Dr. Osman works to develop a blood test to use in the monitoring of chronic fatigue syndrome on a clinical level. Dr. Osman is passionate about being a good doctor - and not just by his standards, but by his patients and colleagues as well. 

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