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Dr. Mary Margaret (Molly) O’Neil is a native of Western New York and has practiced Rheumatology in the Buffalo area for 17 years. She is a graduate of the St. Louis University School of Medicine, she completed a residency in Internal Medicine through the State University at New York (SUNY) Buffalo program at Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital and she also completed her final fellowship in Rheumatology at the Cleveland Clinic.

Over the years of her practice, Dr. O’Neil has developed a keen interest in alternative medicine and is a leading advocate for whole-person wellness as a treatment option for Rheumatology patients. She is not only board certified in Rheumatology, but she is also a certified acupuncturist.

Specializing in both traditional and whole-person treatment methods, Dr. Mary Margaret O’Neil focuses on overall wellness and improved quality of life for her patients. While medications and traditional treatments are absolutely appropriate in many cases, she is the only Rheumatologist in Western New York that is licensed in acupuncture. She has also completed Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice from the Institute of Functional Medicine. Dr O’Neil has trained in several meditation modalities including MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction).


Dr. O’Neil’s practice is centered around the belief that from arrival to departure, all patients are entitled to a comfortable, efficient and positive treatment experience.


Dr. O’Neil is proud to live and work in Western New York. She often speaks at medical and community gatherings and shares her spare time with her husband and four children. She happily proclaims herself to be a soccer/dance/piano lesson mom.

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