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Canadian Dr. Volkmann is a board-certified physician in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology who specializes in the care of patients with systemic sclerosis and connective tissue disease-related interstitial lung disease.

She is an active clinical and translational researcher. Her research focuses on understanding the cause of systemic sclerosis, identifying clinical and biological factors that predict outcomes in patients with systemic sclerosis, and helping to discover new therapies for systemic sclerosis and interstitial lung disease. She led the first study to investigate the gastrointestinal microbiome in systemic sclerosis and is now the principal investigator for an international microbiome consortium study for this condition.

Dr. Volkmann is the founder and co-director of the UCLA Connective Tissue Disease-Related Interstitial Lung Disease (CTD-ILD) Program. She strives to provide humanistic and compassionate care and seeks to empower her patients to improve their health through traditional, as well as complementary and alternative treatment modalities.

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